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FreshMate Mini Food Storage Box

FreshMate Mini Food Storage Box

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Keep Your Food Fresh Longer with FreshMate Mini Food Storage Box!

Are you tired of throwing away spoiled food too soon? Do you struggle with keeping your meats and perishables fresh in the fridge? Are you fed up with messy spills and unpleasant odours in your kitchen?

It's frustrating when your food doesn't stay fresh as long as you need it to. Traditional containers just don't cut it anymore. They leak, they're bulky, and they don't seal properly, letting odours permeate your fridge.

Introducing the FreshMate Mini Food Storage Box – your solution to all your food freshness woes! This compact and portable container is specially designed to keep your meats, snacks, and leftovers fresher for longer periods.


Sealed Freshness;

Convenient Design;

Durable Material;

Versatile Usage:;

Saves Money;

Peace of Mind.

Don't let spoiled food ruin your day. Upgrade to the FreshMate Mini Food Storage Box today and enjoy fresher, tastier meals every time!


  1. Portable and compact design for convenient storage.
  2. Keeps meats and other perishables fresh for longer periods.
  3. Made from durable plastic material for longevity.
  4. Sealed lid ensures freshness and prevents odour leakage.
  5. Ideal for organizing lunches, snacks, and leftovers in the fridge.
  6. Easy to clean and maintain.
  7. Perfect for picnics, travel, and everyday use.
  8. Available in assorted colours.

Hurry! Get Your FreshMate Now and Start Enjoying Fresh Meals Tomorrow!


Material: PE cover +PP box body

Color: Transparent

Size: rectangle about 8*10.8*4.2cm, square about 8*8*4cm

Purpose: Double preservation, no taste.

Packing includes:

1* storage box

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