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LatteWhisk Frother: Creamy Coffee Companion

LatteWhisk Frother: Creamy Coffee Companion

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Elevate Your Coffee Experience with LatteWhisk Frother

Say Goodbye to Coffee Dilemmas

Do you crave that perfectly frothy, café-quality latte at home? Are you tired of settling for mediocre coffee experiences? LatteWhisk Frother is your solution.

LatteWhisk Frother: Perfect foam for lattes

Experience Creamy Coffee Delight

Indulge in rich, creamy coffees right in the comfort of your home with LatteWhisk Frother. Our handheld frother is designed to elevate your coffee game, ensuring each sip is a celebration of flavour and quality.

Handheld Coffee Frother: Creamy delight

Features & Benefits:

  • Powerful Performance: With a speed of 10000rpm, our frother effortlessly whisks away to create luxurious foam for your lattes, cappuccinos, or hot chocolates.
  • Convenient Design: Our modern, minimalist handheld frother fits seamlessly into your kitchen routine. Its compact size and aluminium alloy construction make it durable and easy to handle.
  • Battery-Powered: Powered by two AA batteries (not included), LatteWhisk Frother offers you the flexibility to enjoy creamy coffee anywhere, anytime.
Battery-powered Milk Frother: Easy foam

Take Charge of Your Coffee Moments

Don't let lack of equipment hinder your coffee celebrations. Embrace the LatteWhisk Frother and transform every coffee break into a special occasion.

Aluminum Frother: Barista-quality foam

Upgrade your coffee game today with LatteWhisk Frother and indulge in creamy, café-quality beverages in seconds. Order now and experience the difference!

Coffee Companion: Froth on demand


Power Type: Battery

Certification: none

Style: Handheld

Metal Type: Aluminum Alloy

semi_Choice: yes

Size: height 23.6cm, width 3.2cm
Material: aluminum alloy
Speed: 10000rpm
Style: modern minimalist
Product configuration: single layer head + host + bubble bag + color box
Product description: Work at high speed, remove milk foam easily
PS: Two AA batteries (bring your own)

Package list:
Egg beater*1

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