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ObaFlex Pro: Elevate Your Ride with Ultimate Cycling Comfort!

ObaFlex Pro: Elevate Your Ride with Ultimate Cycling Comfort!

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Elevate Your Ride with ObaFlex Pro Cycling Gloves - Unleash Comfort and Control!

Many cyclists face discomfort and a lack of grip during long bike rides. Inadequate gloves can compromise the experience, leaving hands sweaty and affecting control.

Imagine losing the feel of the handlebars during an exhilarating descent or experiencing constant discomfort in your hands, impacting the joy of cycling. Low-quality gloves can be a real hindrance for enthusiasts.

Introducing ObaFlex Pro Cycling Gloves - the ultimate solution to discomfort and a lack of control. Developed with an aerodynamic design, breathable material, and non-slip grip, these gloves elevate your cycling experience to new heights.



Unmatched Comfort;

Superior Grip;

Exceptional Durability;

Modern Unisex Style;

Tactical Versatility.


Investing in ObaFlex Pro Cycling Gloves is not just a practical choice but a commitment to comfort, control, and style. Elevate your cycling experience today!



  1. Aerodynamic Design: Half-finger cycling gloves with an aerodynamic design for comfort and performance during long rides.

  2. Breathable Material: Crafted with high-quality materials, these gloves offer excellent breathability, keeping hands cool and dry even in intense heat.

  3. Non-slip Grip: Silicone coating on the palms ensures a firm grip on the handlebars, providing enhanced control and safety during rides.

  4. Durable Construction: Built to withstand constant wear, ObaFlex Pro Gloves are durable and maintain their quality even after frequent use.

  5. Comfortable Fit: Equipped with a precise adjustment system for comfort, preventing any discomfort during use.

  6. Unisex Style: Designed to cater to all cyclists, regardless of gender, the gloves feature a modern and versatile design.

  7. Tactical Versatility: Ideal for cycling and suitable for tactical activities such as airsoft and paintball.

  8. Available in Various Colors: Choose from a range of vibrant colours to match your style and personal preferences.


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Technical Specification:

Material: Spandex

Feature: Washable

Gender: Universal

Item Type: Gloves & Mittens

Type: Half Finger

Sport Type: Cycling

Colors: blue, pink, light blue, red, black, light green

Fabric: cotton fiber, polyester fiber, spandex

Uses: fishing, cycling, cross-country, hiking, traveling, etc.

Choice: yes

Size: S, M, L, XL

Package Included:

A pair of gloves. 

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