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Rainbow Blaze Wheel Hub Reflective Sticker Kit

Rainbow Blaze Wheel Hub Reflective Sticker Kit

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Illuminate Your Drive with Rainbow Blaze - Enhancing Safety, Style, and Nighttime Adventures!

Elevate your vehicle's safety and style with the Rainbow Blaze Wheel Hub Reflective Sticker Kit. Designed to improve visibility during night driving, these stickers not only enhance safety but also add a pop of colour and style to your car or motorcycle.

The rainbow luminous design creates a unique aesthetic that stands out, ensuring you are easily seen in low-light conditions. Application is quick and simple, thanks to the high-quality adhesive backing of the stickers. Additionally, the economical pack of 20 stickers provides complete coverage for all vehicle wheels, delivering a comprehensive upgrade.

Stay safe and add a touch of personality to your vehicle with the Rainbow Blaze Wheel Hub Reflective Sticker Kit. Now available in your Oba Buy virtual store.


In the dark of the night, traditional vehicle visibility falls short, compromising safety for both drivers and pedestrians. Dull, uninspiring wheels lack the flair that truly sets your ride apart.

Imagine navigating through dimly lit streets, struggling to stand out among the monotony. An ordinary vehicle can easily fade into obscurity, leading to potential safety hazards. Don't let your journey be shrouded in darkness or go unnoticed.

Introducing the Rainbow Blaze Wheel Hub Reflective Sticker Kit – a vibrant, safety-enhancing solution designed to conquer the night! Elevate your vehicle's appearance and safeguard your nocturnal adventures with ease.



Enhanced Visibility;

Stylish Rainbow Luminosity;

Effortless Application;

Universal Compatibility;

Weather-Resistant Durability;

Complete Coverage.


Don't settle for an ordinary journey when you can transform it into a luminous adventure with Rainbow Blaze. Illuminate your drive, enhance safety, and showcase your style with this must-have accessory, available exclusively at Oba Buy. Upgrade your nights and make every drive a memorable one!



  1. Enhanced Night Visibility: Highly reflective stickers to increase visibility during night driving.
  2. Rainbow Luminous Design: Multicoloured stripes that add a vibrant touch to the vehicle's style while enhancing safety.
  3. Easy Application: Self-adhesive stickers for effortless installation, providing an instant upgrade to the vehicle's look.
  4. Universal: Compatible with a variety of vehicles, including cars and motorcycles.
  5. Durability: Weather-resistant construction to ensure the stickers maintain their quality over time.
  6. Economical Pack: Set of 20 stickers, offering complete coverage for all vehicle wheels.


Technical Specifications


Material: Ordinary flexible diamond grade

 Quantity: 10 pieces/sheet;

 Size: 8x90mm(WxL);

Model: 12-14 inch balance bike;

Color: as shown.

Package Includes:10PCS



*1. Clean and dry the car body;

*2. Uncover the release paper on the back of the sticker;

*3. Align the car sticker at the position, and slowly stick it from one end to the other;

*4. After pasting, press the car sticker to make it stick firmly. Do not wash the bike within 24 hours.



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