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LightPlay RGB Interactive Bedside Lamp for Kids

LightPlay RGB Interactive Bedside Lamp for Kids

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Transform Your Kids' Room with the Interactive LightPlay RGB Lamp!


 Are you seeking a way to make your children's room more stimulating and magical? Tired of dull and uninspiring lighting options that fail to ignite your kids' creativity?

Picture a room where fun and imagination collide! Ordinary lamps don't offer the interactivity and range of colours needed to create a truly captivating atmosphere for your kids.

The Interactive LightPlay RGB Lamp for Children's Bedrooms is the answer to your quest for an engaging and customisable lighting experience! With interactive features, a multitude of vibrant colours, and luminous effects, this lamp will instantly transform your children's room into an exciting and inviting space.


  1. Inspires Creativity: Let your kids explore their imagination by customising colours and lighting patterns with a simple touch.
  2. Enchanting Ambience: Create a magical atmosphere with a wide range of vibrant colours and lighting effects.
  3. Ease of Control: Intuitive remote control for convenient lighting adjustments from a distance.
  4. Guaranteed Safety: Made with safe, durable materials suitable for children's bedrooms.
  5. Promotes Fun: Turn bedtime or playtime into special moments filled with colours and enjoyment.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate the experience in your children's room! Offer them a lamp that not only illuminates but also inspires creativity and joy. Experience the Interactive LightPlay RGB Lamp and bring your little ones' dreams to life!



  1. Sensorial Interactivity: The lamp responds to touch, allowing children to customise colours and lighting patterns according to their preferences.
  2. Multiple Colors and Effects: Offers a wide range of vibrant colours and lighting effects, creating an engaging and fun atmosphere.
  3. Remote Control: Comes with an intuitive remote control for easy adjustment of lighting settings from a distance.
  4. Safe Material: Made with durable and safe materials, ideal for children's bedrooms.
  5. Interactive Design: Stimulates children's creativity, allowing them to explore different colour combinations and effects.


Technical Specifications:

Light Source: LED Bulbs;

Type: Night Light;

Power Generation: Touch;

Voltage: 5V;

Wattage: 0-5W;

Is Batteries Included: Yes;

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery;

Certification: CE.

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