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Luminar AutoFlow Pro

Luminar AutoFlow Pro

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Illuminate Your Drive with Luminar AutoFlow Pro - The Ultimate LED Daytime Running Lights


The Luminar AutoFlow Pro is the perfect choice for those looking to enhance their vehicle's lighting and aesthetics. With its advanced LED technology, this daytime running light not only offers bright illumination but also features a dynamic signaling strip that flows elegantly, providing a unique turn indication.

Designed to be universal, the Luminar AutoFlow Pro is compatible with a variety of car models, offering versatility and easy installation. Its exceptional durability and aerodynamic style make it a valuable addition to any vehicle, providing not only functionality but also a touch of elegance.

Enhance your car's safety and aesthetics with the Luminar AutoFlow Pro - the smart choice for those seeking quality, innovation, and style in automotive lighting.

Dim, Outdated Lighting Systems

Are you tired of lacklustre, outdated lighting on your car that fails to make a statement? Conventional lights just don't cut it in today's fast-paced world.

Compromised Safety and Style

Dim lighting not only compromises your safety on the road but also detracts from the overall style and presence of your vehicle. Inadequate illumination and mundane turn signals can lead to misunderstood manoeuvres, putting you and others at risk.

Luminar AutoFlow Pro - Revolutionizing Automotive Lighting

Step into the future with the Luminar AutoFlow Pro. Our advanced LED technology and dynamic signaling strip redefine the standards for daytime running lights. Say goodbye to dull, traditional lighting and embrace a new era of automotive aesthetics and safety.



Enhanced Safety;

Modern Style;

Universal Compatibility;

Energy Efficiency;



Upgrade Your Drive Today!

Illuminate your journey with confidence and style. Make a statement on the road with the Luminar AutoFlow Pro - where safety, innovation, and elegance converge for the ultimate driving experience. Upgrade your lighting, upgrade your drive!



  1. Advanced LED Technology: Features state-of-the-art LEDs for bright and efficient illumination.
  2. Dynamic Signaling: Flowing signal strip for a modern and stylish turn indication.
  3. Universal Installation: Designed to be compatible with a wide range of car models, providing versatility.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Low power consumption LEDs, maintaining performance without overloading the vehicle's electrical system.
  5. Exceptional Durability: Constructed with robust materials to ensure a long lifespan, even in adverse conditions.
  6. Aerodynamic Style: Sleek design that complements the vehicle's aesthetics, enhancing the overall appearance.
  7. Advanced Daytime Lighting: Provides additional visibility during the day, enhancing road safety.
  8. Easy Installation: Includes step-by-step guides for simple and quick installation, no specialized knowledge required.
  9. Compatibility: Suitable for various car makes and models, ensuring broad applicability.


Light Up Your Drive Today! Limited Stock Available - Act Now!

Don't miss out on the chance to transform your car's lighting with the Luminar AutoFlow Pro. Our stock is running low, so seize this opportunity now for an immediate upgrade. Illuminate your drive before it's too late!



Technical Specifications 

Item Type: Daytime Running Lights

Material Type: Silicone

Voltage: 12V

Special Features: Daytime running light DRL

Item Weight: 0.2kg

Item Diameter: 3cm inch

Type: Car Flowing Turning Lights Strip

Color: White,Ice Blue,Blue,Red,Yellow

Length: 30 cm / 45 cm / 60 cm (About 11.81 inch / 17.72 inch / 23.62 inch)

Special Function: Signal Warning Lamps For Drive Safety

Special Features: DRL, car daytime running light

Suitable: For Universal All The Car


1 - Stick on outside the headlight

2 - Wire Connection:


  • Red Wire: connecting to headlight or ACC (+)
  • Black wire: connecting to battery Negative (-)
  • Yellow wire: connecting to turn signal (+)


Installation Feature:

Paste Headlights (Headlights To Avoid Demolition)

Function: Improve Driving Safety / Decorate The Outside Of The Car

Input Voltage: 12V

Notice: if you want one pair,please add the number of order to tow



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