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PlusVelvet Thermal Gloves: Waterproof Outdoor Sports Mittens

PlusVelvet Thermal Gloves: Waterproof Outdoor Sports Mittens

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Ultimate Winter Protection: PlusVelvet Thermal Gloves for Outdoor Activities


For many outdoor sports enthusiasts, facing intense cold and moisture during winter poses a constant challenge. Hands become icy, uncomfortable, and even damp, hampering the experience and performance during outdoor activities.

Picture enjoying your winter adventures without the hassle of piercing cold or wet hands. Traditional gloves often fall short, leaving you vulnerable to adverse weather conditions and diminishing the joy of being outdoors.

Introducing the PlusVelvet Thermal Gloves - a groundbreaking solution to winter's challenges! These gloves are engineered with advanced thermal insulation technology and superior waterproofing, providing exceptional comfort, warmth, and protection.


  1. Warm, Comfortable Hands;
  2. Moisture Protection;
  3. Ergonomic Design;
  4. Premium Durability;
  5. Sporting Versatility;
  6. Adjustable Fastening.

Don’t let winter hinder your outdoor adventures! With PlusVelvet Thermal Gloves, embrace every moment in the cold worry-free. Conquer winter with confidence, keeping your hands warm, dry, and ready for any challenge!


  1. Advanced Thermal Insulation;
  2. Superior Waterproofing;
  3. Ergonomic Comfort;
  4. Premium Durability;
  5. Sporting Versatility;.
  6. Adjustable Fastening;
  7. PlusVelvet Technology.

Stay Warm This Winter! Order Your PlusVelvet Gloves Today for Fast Delivery! Order now and get your gloves delivered quickly to beat the cold!


Technical Specifications:

Material: Nylon,Polyester;

Item Type: Gloves & Mittens;

Size: S / M / L / XL / XXL;

Scope of Application: Outdoor / Cycling;

Features: Anti Slip / Touch Screen / Warm;

Gloves Length: Wrist;

Gender: Unisex.

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