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ProClean EarbudsCare Kit

ProClean EarbudsCare Kit

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Revolutionize Your Listening Experience with ProClean EarbudsCare Kit

The ProClean EarbudsCare Kit is the complete solution to keep your Airpods Pro 3 2 1 and Xiaomi Airdots 3Pro in pristine condition. With specialized tools and a durable design, this kit provides a deep clean, removing dirt, dust, and bacteria. Maintain the sound quality and hygiene of your devices with ease, wherever you are. Ideal for audio enthusiasts who value the performance and durability of their headphone investments. With the ProClean EarbudsCare Kit, your ears deserve the best care.

Are your Airpods Pro 3 2 1 or Xiaomi Airdots 3Pro losing their lustre and clarity? Over time, earbuds accumulate dirt, dust, and harmful bacteria, affecting both hygiene and audio performance. Cleaning these delicate devices can be tricky, and neglecting their maintenance may lead to a compromised listening experience.

Picture this: Every note muffled, every beat dulled by unseen invaders. Your once-pristine earbuds now harbour a breeding ground for germs, impacting not just your audio enjoyment, but also your well-being. The struggle to reach those tiny crevices and delicate surfaces only intensifies the frustration.

Introducing the ProClean EarbudsCare Kit – your definitive answer to earbud maintenance. Engineered with a durable design and specialised tools, this kit makes the meticulous cleaning process a breeze. No longer will you wrestle with uncertainty, as this comprehensive solution addresses the root of the problem.


Preserve Sound Quality;

Enhanced Hygiene;

Universal Compatibility;

Long-lasting Performance;

Portability and Convenience;

Eco-friendly Materials.

Elevate your audio experience and ensure your earbuds stand the test of time with the ProClean EarbudsCare Kit – because your ears deserve the best.


  1. Durable Design: Built to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring a long lifespan.
  2. Universal Compatibility: Designed for Airpods Pro 3 2 1, Xiaomi Airdots 3Pro, and other popular models.
  3. Specialized Tools: Includes a variety of brushes and cleaning pens to reach hard-to-access areas.
  4. Enhanced Hygiene: Keep your earbuds free from dirt, dust, and harmful bacteria.
  5. Portable and Convenient: Compact and lightweight packaging, perfect for home, travel, and office use.
  6. Detailed Instructions: Step-by-step guide for effective and safe cleaning of your devices.
  7. Eco-friendly Material: Constructed with environmentally friendly materials, prioritizing sustainability.

Technical Specifications

Item Type: Ear Pads

Package: No

Material: Plastic

Type 1: Earbuds Cleaning Pen

Type 2: Durable Earphones Cleaning Kit

Type 3: Clean Brush For Airpods

Type 4: Cleaning Kit For Airpods

Type 5: Cleaning Brush for Bluetooth Earphones

Type 6: Earphones Cleaning Pen

Type 7: Earphones Cleaner Set

Type 8: Earphones Case Cleaning Tools For Huawei Samsung Xiaomi

High Quality

Made of environmentally friendly material, no damage to earbuds components and holes.

Pen-Shaped and Portable

Pen-shaped design, it is lightweight and easy to carry. It can be used anytime and anywhere. Suitable for Bluetooth earbuds, headsets, mobile phone, computer, tablet, camera and other digital products.

include:1*cleaning pen

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